Overview :

Domain name is a kind of name which carry out the leadership of a website to introduce it among the whole world. There lies some rules of choosing a domain name. Here lies those…

1. Easy to spell

                        A domain name should be easy to spell. If anybody cannot spell the domain name easily, It would be very harmful to your business, because there are many companies to serve the service that you can serve. Why he has to remember your domain name…..?

2. Obviously Short

                        Long domain name has a great chance to type it wrong in the browser. So you should be careful……

3. Keeping Keywords

                        Use those keywords that represent your business and service. It is also seo friendly to make more traffic.

4. Location Targeting

                        If you serve to the local people then set your location to the domain. It will make you more trusted to your customers.

5. Avoid Alphanumeric Characters

                        You should bear in mind that you have to give alphanumeric characters in choosing your domain names such as comma(,),hyphen(-) and also numbers. Because it is not SEO(Search Engine Optimization) friendly and There lies a great chance to mistype the name in the address bar.

6. Memorizing Check

You can select some domain names and share it with your friends for memorizing test. The name that is most memorable you can choose it for your business, that’s simple.

7. Search it

                        After all this you have to search it in the web to confirm that the domain you choose is not taken by anyone. If it was taken, then you could not use it for your business.

8. Give your eyes on the extension

You should be serious about the domain name because short word domain name is not available for the familiar extension such as .com,.net etc. But you can find a domain short named domain in some extensions such as .co, .info, .org, .biz, .me, .photography, .nyc etc. You have to choose them as your desired business.

9. Give a great Security and Build a Brand

If you want to protect your domain, you can buy various kinds of domains in various extensions. They will be the misspelled names of your domain. As a result your competitors can’t reach you and you can normally set up a brand.

10. Be Fast

Domain names are sold very quickly and they are expensive also. So be ready to buy your domain name asap. If your desired domain name is not available then our site will suggest you finding alternative domain names.

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