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Hossain IP Law Agency is one of the renowned IP Law firm in Bangladesh. We provide support to Companies and Individuals to register their Company, Trademark, Patent, Industrial Design, Copyrights, Domain Name etc. We are working as an IP Law Firm in Bangladesh for a long time. Hossain IP Law Firm is expert in Intellectual Property matters and play very important role in the platform of IP Law Firm in Bangladesh. There are many IP Law firms in Bangladesh. But we maintain our own characters by provide quality services to our valuable clients.

We are pleased to inform our local and foreign colleagues that HOSSAIN IP LAW AGENCY is an IP Law Firm in Bangladesh for assisting the Inventors, businessman scientists, scientific and Industrial organizations to protect their Intellectual Property rights. The firm also provides legal services in the case of Infringement, Imitation, Opposition, Cancellation of Copyright, Patents, Designs, Trademarks etc. For maintaining the above services our firm has experienced lawyers, Intellectual Property Advocates, IP Attorneys and Technical Experts.

The firm also conducts trademark searches, drafting of the Patent Specification, preparing of design and copy right applications. In Bangladesh Patents, Designs, Trademarks are administered by the Department of Patents, Designs, Trademarks under the Ministry of Industries and the Copy right is administered by the Copyright Registry office under the Ministry of Sports and Cultural Affairs.

We take special care to our Clients and provide a complete responsive type of service which can compete with any kinds of Business whether it is big or small.

Call: (0088) 01712743940 or e-mail: info@hossiniplaw.net/ hossainiplaw@gmail.com